LABORATORIA is the first nonprofit research and exhibition centre in Russia focused on interdisciplinary interaction between contemporary art and science. The centre was founded by Daria Parkhomenko in 2008.


LABORATORIA special know-how involves integration of artists into scientific research laboratories and institutes, and vice versa, placement of scientists into the experimental contemporary art environment.



One of  LABORATORIA ’s main aims is to create a community interested in the interplay between art and science as a vital and promising resource for a further development.


LABORATORIA is the starting point for developing the international autonomous art&science territory. We have three main directions for constructing this territory - 

discussion line - LAB CLUB, 
exhibition line - LAB EXPO, A to S Practics.



LABORATORIA Art&Science Space Москва, пер. Обуха, 3 тел.: +7 495 222 22 11 e-mail:
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